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Clip Studio Paint
  • Developer: Celsys
  • Genre: Illustration Software
  • Version: 2021
User Rating: Rating 4.75

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Illustration Software
Windows PC


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Penelope Evans

Clip Studio Paint or CSP is one of most popular digital drawing and painting software which is developed and published by Japanese software company Co. Ltd. Software Clip Studio Paint download free is a digital painting and drawing software which is mainly used for manga, drawing, web comics. Software is successor of Celsys' Painter series of software. Celsys opened a new development studio in 2008 and changed its name to download CLIP STUDIO PAINT free CO., LTD. It was developed in Japan by company Celsys, who are known for developing Comic Studio. Software is available in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Taiwanese, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese.


Interface of Clip Studio Paint APK download is very user-friendly. It has a bunch of different tools that can be used for drawing, painting, and other functions. Tools are on left-hand side of screen and can be changed by clicking on little arrow heads on top of screen. Tools are placed in a logical order for example, pencil tool is at the top of list on left side, paint brush tool is below it. Different tools can be accessed by scrolling down list of tools on left-hand side of screen. Painting and drawing tools have a little menu that pops up when you hover over it with your mouse. With bunch of different tools, colors, brushes, it is easy to edit and create a drawing.


Usability of Clip Studio Paint Android app is very easy to use, it is very easy to export drawing from application to a more advanced program. Software is very user-friendly and has a bunch of different tools for drawing, painting, other functions. Interface is very easy to use and has bunch of different softs in a logical order. It's very simple to export drawing from soft to a more advanced program.


Product free Clip Studio Paint has a lot of functionality. There are multiple brushes, like scrub, scribble, paint that can be modified in different ways. You can change colors of brushes. There are different tools like pencil, pen, paint brush. After drawing something in soft, you can open CSP own photo editing software to edit colors, shapes, other features.


Software Clip Studio Paint app has really good support. Company has many of tutorials on their website which you can use to learn to use different features of soft. Software has a really good tutorial section on how to use it. Clip Studio Paint Mac is a very user-friendly application. It comes with a number of tutorials and videos that will help you get started and start creating in no time.


  • What are system requirements for install Clip Studio Paint?
    Works on Windows XP or later, Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • What file formats does it save in?
    You can save it as a .png, .psd, or .jpg.
  • How do I open my artwork on my computer?
    To open it on your computer you will need to first install trial version of paid app.



Overall, product Clip Studio Paint download PC is a very user-friendly digital painting and drawing software for manga, drawing, web comics. Interface is very easy to use, has a lot of different tools in a logical order. It is very simple to export a drawing from software to a more advanced program. Application Clip Studio Paint has really good support, company has a lot of tutorials on their website.


  • Interface is very easy to get used to
  • Trial is perfect for beginners, but it still has some advanced features
  • It’s affordable, especially if you subscribe
  • It has intuitive drawing tools
  • It has a lot of tutorials
  • In-app store has a lot of tools, too
  • It’s a great option for beginners


  • Layers can get a little tricky
  • In-app store is a little pricey

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